10 Awesome Facts Tinder Uncovers About Austin Females

Im a single chap in Austin, which is the reason why Ive used utilizing Tinder, the wildly popular cellular dating application, for several several months now.

Once I arrived where you can find Austin after investing 2 months traveling offshore, they taken place in my opinion the ladies of your area become unlike women any place else in the arena. Using Tinder whilst travelling across European countries and The united states actually drove that point residence. This may be dawned on myself: What if i possibly could assess my personal results?

Thus, after researching 100 Tinder users and yes, 100 is not extensive at all, although fashions i came across in this smaller study test have actually certainly truly put on numerous Austin women on Tinder and people I’m sure really this is just what I discovered.

10.) Austin girls love the outdoors

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Actually, 55percent associated with the pages I seen stated they love the outside or they will have images carrying out backyard recreation.

9.) Austin women want to take in

An astonishing 34per cent of females discuss liquor within profiles or bring photo of those drinking. Thats just on the surface, also.

8.) Austin females love pets

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One fourth of females point out puppies inside their pages or need photographs with a dog. Thats 25 of 100 ladies who spot dogs from the middle of these life. Those are pretty persuasive rates.

7.) Austin women can be Web dating apps happy with their own education

Of course, only a few the ladies on Tinder come in university, but on the 100 I looked over, 19% specifically discussed exactly what theyre studying.

6.) Austin people love to travelling

Within their profiles, 16percent of women made use of the phrase love traveling. More mentioned vacationing.

5.) Austin women like their particular sounds

The sheer number of women who discuss music or have actually images at concerts was available in at 13per cent, but lets be genuine: within this town, 13percent is incredibly reasonable. Whont like tunes? We suspect the Tinder pages that point out songs are women utilizing their best music as a great deal breaker you are aware, those High Fidelity type, if you will. Theres lots of all of them here in the Live musical Capital around the globe.

4.) Austin lady dont transmit their unique passion for fun they simply get it done

When youve traveled as far as I bring, you get to discover every cliche on guide. So, really some thing of a relief that just 12% of Austin women wrote which they like to laugh or celebrate. Who doesnt? This may sounds odd, but its actually most advising. As an example, the number of women that declare to their visibility they want to laugh is significantly greater in a location like vegas.

3.) Austin ladies dont should tell you exactly how much they love people they know and family members

Another cliche line Ive observed during my Tinder trip will be the expression love relatives and buddies. Truly? Color me personally astonished, i assume. Luckily, just 10per cent of Austin females mentioned they love friends and family inside their users, with all the bulk save us all from stating the obvious.

2.) Austin lady dont should bore their personality test results

In a few towns and cities in which Ive utilized Tinder, a high amount of women indicate their social status with is a result of popular personality examination, often the Myers-Briggs examination. In Austin? Merely 8per cent of shared their own Myers-Briggs information on the users. Thats most likely great, because people dont need to know if someones an introvert or extrovert before meeting, specifically since those terms become wildly misunderstood.

1.) Austin female will not feel pet holders

Only 5per cent of Austin female mentioned kitties within pages. Thats strange because, as we watched with puppies, Austin ladies have a tendency to say they when theres an essential animal within their lifestyle. So, i could only assume that pets aren’t that popular to many associated with the ladies in Austin even though its a secure choice theres nevertheless lots of like nowadays for the kitties.

highlighted photograph: Flickr consumer Nan Palmero, creative commons licensed.

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