Restaurant Interior Design in Kenya

The restaurant business is Kenya is booming. Restaurants are sprouting at almost every street corner. This growth has exposed the challenges in keeping up with the trends.


1. Why is restaurant interior design important?

The need to make the clients comfortable has grown. It is not about coming in and going out. It is about wanting them to be willing to stay and spend more at your restaurant than they would do.Interior design is therefore key. One client staying in for two or more hours could spend more compared to ten who pop in and leave. Customers looking for a restaurant are in need of good food, comfort and social status. A space that reflects their class.

2. What makes a successful restaurant business?

Having the best food in town is not a guarantee of a successful business. In this industry, there is more to a successful enterprise than people eating.

It is by how you make people feel. Delivering great customer experience. The more comfortable the customers feel, the more they are likely to visit your business. The more spend their money.

3. What are the major trend changes in the restaurant business?

While people still eat in the restaurant, they do so much more. Very many business meetings are now held in bars and restaurants. Many Kenyan work from restaurants. Dates constitute a large amount of traffic to these restaurants. Social gathering also forms a big chunk in both bars and restaurants. Others go out for entertainment like watching.

4. What has changed over time?

With the change in behaviors and wants, accommodating clients has become the focus. This is driving restaurant to have a bar section. While most bars have also invested in a good restaurant. Making it difficult to completely talk about restaurant design without considering the bar designs.

5. What do you need to consider for your restaurant interior design?

Your customers’ needs have changed. Those who visit your restaurant want more than good food. You need to meet their desire for comfort to stay afloat. This will mean improvements on the look and feel.

6. What are the key elements of restaurant interior design?

The restaurant interior design is about how the elements fit in the space- Design Layout. It is also about how space feels- Ambiance.

Design layout is the tangible aspects while the ambience is the intangible aspects.

Restaurant interior design tips
Restaurant interior design tips

7. What does restaurant interior design layout entail?

Restaurant Design Layout
Restaurant Design Layout

This is about the arrangement of all items that make up a bar or restaurant within the available space. The element of design takes the following into account:

  • Floor Plan or Structure.

    The first consideration by any interior designer should be the available floor area. Allocation of the key areas is then done. The designer should understand ergonomics to achieve good traffic flow. For a bar design, the designer should ensure the restrooms and the counter are on opposite ends.


  • Seating Space.

    Restaurant designs should achieve a balance between comfortable experience and the largest seating capacity. The comfort of the customers visiting the restaurant is paramount. The interior design should focus on the type of seating desired. This will, in turn, informs the seats and furniture to be installed. Other things to consider are contractor workmanship warranty, how much room for each seating space, roof installation in Maryland and how far apart customers should be. The dining areas need more space as compared to a bar area for an equal number of people.


  • Wall and Ceiling Pattern.

    The patterns and details on the walls and ceiling should be well selected. Great designs create and get attention. In creating awe, they attract and often keep clients. No one wants to face an empty wall or stay in a boring space. The interior design should form a pattern that flows and has a sense of direction. Wall hanging and art improve the look any wall. They give a point of interest. You do need a focal point on the walls of every room. It should not be too shouting that it overpowers all other details.

8. What does the restaurant Ambience entail?

Beyond looking good, restaurants should feel good. The ambience is the emotional part of interior design. Both bar and restaurant interior design projects should deliver different emotions. The same food tastes different based on the emotions exuded by the dining space. How much people spend at your restaurant will often link to how much they like a place.

There are different elements of ambience are:

  • Lighting.

    Lighting helps create different moods. It can completely change the way space looks and feels. Different kinds of lighting have different functions. Task lights are the functional lights. Used to illuminate any given space. Ambient lights are used to set the tone and mood for the bar or restaurant. They create an impression of the atmosphere. Accent lights are used to draw attention to specific features or elements. These could be unique wall decor or furnishings. Bar designers often use these as direction light.

Restaurant Interior Design Lighting
Restaurant Interior Design Lighting
  • Sound. 

    There are a lot of different sounds in a restaurant. From the kitchen to customer conversations. Music, thus, forms a huge part of how your restaurant influences customers. The appropriate background music becomes essential to delivering a good dining experience. The tempo volume and how close the music is, impacts your restaurant. Jazz and slow tempo music encourage and allow relaxation, conversation and mingling. Louder, faster music during busy times can help increase table turnover.


  • Color.  

    Color goes a long way in defining how intimate a space feels. Hence, colors influence the message restaurants delivers to their customers. This is by the level of intimacy achieved. Colors have a way of enhancing details and delivering emotional connection. So, like music, impacts dining behaviour. When choosing the colors for your interior design, the designers should consider customers’ perceptions. But not forget brand identity. They must thus first understand the color scheme before implementing.

9. Can any interior designer handle a restaurant interior design project?

While restaurant interior design needs in Kenya are very high. There are very few experts in this specialized field. Not everyone who does interior design should handle your restaurant interior design project. This has resulted in the same boring restaurant and bar design across the industry. There is a need to have unique restaurant interior design for your business to match up.


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