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SIGNIFICANT! This model calls for non-standard firmware. Never apply standard firmware (for example. v.4.1.xx) on this product. This will once and for all spoil your system. It is vital that you use custom made firmware v.4.1.25 from the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S product webpage.

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The I-series NVR (like the DS-7716NI-I4) is regarded as Hikvision’s preferred and feature-rich recorders. As a result, a lot of firmware revisions have now been introduced over the years to continuously make sure the goods works with the modern development offered. As a result of numerous changes, we recommend that an individual closely observe the directions below in order to decrease the length of time spent in addition to the potential for problems.

Databases Optimization and Repair

Much more inexpensive IP cameras were released in the long run with deeper videos resolution and facts models, more efficient database administration in addition will become necessary. The development of firmware v4.0 caused a fresh database architecture in order to be futureproof.

After updating to v4.X, the recorder database will need to be converted and enhanced. If you should be having dilemmas where playback is anticipated yet not discover, ensure “Database maintenance” is performed as suggested in procedures and circumstances below.

Preparing the Upgrade

Before continuing with upgrade, it is recommended that NVR setting file was shipped through the NVR across the community or onto a nearby USB drive.

Updating from v3.4.92 build 170518 or Older

  1. All recorders must reach v3.4.92 before continuing furthermore. Upgrading from versions before v3.4.92 straight to any form of v4.X will probably result in the recorder to fail.
  2. If the recorder has already been at v3.4.92, a complete manufacturer standard is extremely recommended before upgrading to almost any type of v4.X. There’s a higher chance for product problem (needing RMA) if device just isn’t defaulted before update.
  3. After attaining v3.4.92 and doing the full manufacturing plant default, an improve straight to v4.50.00 is appropriate.
  4. Following improvement is done and recorder was reprogrammed, it could be useful to play a Database maintenance. For information, reference the section “databases Optimization and fix” above.
  5. To confirm restoration improvements, you might reference the HDD reputation, or research the recorder log for restoration going and stopped records. Keep in mind that although the HDD try repairing, new recordings remain being made, however established tracks might not be searchable until repairs is finished.
  6. Any time you continue to notice playback issues after databases repairs, make sure there aren’t any power, circle, or motion discovery problems. If the problem continue, call tech support team.

Updating from Any v4.X acquire to v4.50.00.

  1. Any v4.X create are upgraded directly to v4.50.00.
  2. Export setting is extremely ideal before performing the improvement.
  3. If updating from any v4.X type which was perhaps not v4.22.005, a databases fix is recommended. Make reference to step four and ahead in the last area.


Downgrading just isn’t recommended. Because additional features and parameters consistently being added, downgrading produces the NVR to factory default by itself or call for a manual default to work precisely.

View the the majority of upgraded version of this document here:K-Series DVR improve instructionThe Turbo 4 crossbreed DVR K-series provides several sizes and across various program and chipset. It also provides similar firmware improvement additional tracking manufacturer product line; DVR K series has also released the GUI4.0 to guarantee the series getting appropriate into new tech offered. This new database architecture is also lead to the DVR firmware v4.0 becoming future verification and better recording search knowledge.

Databases Optimization and Repair

As more affordable cameras introduced with time with deeper movie resolution and facts models, far better databases control furthermore is needed. The introduction of firmware v4.0 brought about an innovative new databases architecture to be futureproof.After upgrading to v4.X, the recorder databases will need to be switched and enhance. If you find yourself having problems, where playback is expected yet not located, please make sure to perform “databases Rebuild” as showed within the procedures and circumstances below.

Getting ready the Upgrade

Before proceeding with improve, truly suggest exporting DVR setup document from the DVR on the circle or onto an area USB drive.

Activity after firmware improved

1. Upgrade the DVR according to the chart over.

2. Reconfirming 100% casino bonus Route’s Recording Schedule

– Confirm station’s recording plan try enable.

– Check if the station is found on correct tracking schedule.

3. Check Storage Position

– Be certain that all station were allotted to tape on its HDD group whenever space environment try under cluster function.

4. Conduct Databases Rebuild locally.

a€? Some version above assistance Database Rebuild via internet accessibility – K51 and K72

a€? Perform Database Rebuild whether or not system is having any database problems symptom.

a€? Database Rebuild techniques are average

30 to 60min per TB. The process may still may differ depends record data.

a€? After Database Rebuild – Check log to verify databases Rebuild possess gone through effectively.

a€? If Database Rebuild underway and quit record has become wood just within short while. Database rebuild may well not has been complete precisely. Truly strongly recommend doing the Database Rebuild once more.

a€? to check on record > System > sign > records > databases Rebuild underway and quit.

a€? In the event that record option is not available – access program via SSH may receive similar result.

5. tracking Data is however lost after databases rebuild procedure.

In the event the information will not be tape-recorded or has become overwritten, Database rebuild procedure will not to able retrieve those destroyed information. Experience the system enhanced into the newest available firmware type above to avoid any potential future information lost try strongly recommended for all software.

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