Website is still small but the site are extremely promising. Right now there become 206 No-Profit organizations prepared hold tourists.


Hostwriter try a great project. It’s an international community for mass media specialists, linking reporters to easily seek and supply assistance, whether in the shape of tale venture, regional pointers, or rooms.

All reporters incorporate services trials through professional confirmation, you don’t should be an official reporter, but posting articles are required as approved. Membership is free of charge of cost.

Hostwriter is seriously tangled up in human-rights reasons and assists exiled journalists.

Bewelcome (100,000 members)

Way more user-friendly than more, BeWelcome seems to most legitimate Couchsurfing alternate online. The search work works pretty well, and it also features a map program, which is definitely the best strategy to check for locations in which to stay general.

BeWelcome try operated by BeVolunteer, a nonprofit company arranged as a voluntary association subscribed in Rennes, France, basically composed entirely of volunteers.

Because it is managed as a not-for-profit company, the site happens to be described as a “less-capitalist alternative” to CouchSurfing. After Couchsurfing Global Inc., which functions Couchsurfing, turned into a for-profit company in 2011, some customers advised others to become listed on BeWelcome. Subscription is free of charge.

People can contact both for details about the granted housing also to need to stay. Following the guest completes a stay, the host and visitor have the choice of leaving sources for each and every additional which have been submitted openly, offering for an online profile, just like on Couchsurfing.

Staydu (17,000 members)

Another hybrid system, because of this German websites you’ll be able to coordinate or be managed in return for light efforts, a fee, or no-cost, it’s around the number to decide. It’s a good solution for long-term stays, the internet site looks modern and cool.

A Servas conference

Servas (Over 14,000 offers)

Servas produced records, it’s been around since prior to the colors TV. It was produced in 1949 by Bob Luitweiler, because of the purpose of operating earnestly for peace and personal justice, together with other tranquility movements they developed the idea of a work-study travel system that managed to make it easy for people of various regions to travel in a considerate way, at the properties of offers promoting hospitality.

Servas advises that invitees pertain at the least four weeks in advance of vacation. Is approved in Servas, two letters of guide, your own interview with a local Servas coordinator, and a membership fee are required, (the charge varies by nation).

After the interview, the tourist gets a “letter of introduction” that’s great for one year of trips, and a list of hosts for the nations he or she is seeing.

People contact potential offers ahead (lead energy changes as defined by each number), providing believed times of trips, plus they could be asked to reconfirm a couple of days in advance.

Capable stick with hosts for approximately 3 period and 2 nights. Hosts render asleep area. Foods could be given in addition to help in visiting the city or location. At the conclusion of their trip, Servas visitors are anticipated in order to a written report to the neighborhood coordinator with any records that would be useful.

The process included is pretty complex and time intensive, but this is exactly an extremely big system that will clearly supply some very nice knowledge.


GoCambio is another fantastic option to Couchsurfing, based upon a fairly cool concept. Your supply your time and knowledge and get a no cost spot to remain.

In return for an hour or two everyday assisting the number improving at everything excel, you’ll get accommodations and a cozy pleasant, whilst number gets to enhance a skill they’re trying to grasp. Expertise may be each and every kinds, from dialects to tunes coaching, from cooking to PHP development.

GoCambio is wholly free, it’s about 6,000 customers at the moment.


Another revolutionary concept is that of Horizon application. It essentially can help you get in touch with group you’re currently attached to for some reason. It goes through your myspace and facebook profiles to find out if some buddy of friend or member of a group you are really in is present to coordinate your.

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